mercredi 24 décembre 2014


This first of december it was my Mom's birthday
but i wanted to wait to be home again to give her her present
well, now i'm back to France, eating croissants and baguettes or quiche lorraine almost everyday
so here it is, this crazy colorful drawing of her and I, Ying Yang of weird but strong love
i guess, i hope, finally i don't care because at the end, we are

Glædelig jul !
Merry Christmas !
Joyeux Noël !

and a lot of love on ur face, ur cheeks and even more on ur little precious heart

jeudi 4 décembre 2014

Have you met Maya ?

it's been a looong time that i didn't upload some concrete animation exercises we did this year at school.
We are currently working on Maya, a 3D software. Our exercises are really technical so we can really focus on movment and on the software.
Anyways there is our last exercise :
Animating an horse for a walk cycle, a run cycle and make a transition of it.

First I never ride horses. Second, I don't really like them. But yes it was fun to do -the transition not the cycle by themselves, -too much legs, too technical if you're not an horse nerd-


oh ! and i had to share with you some Maya crash with this poney

First my horse was stolen by an ufo

And then he wanted to twerk. Hard.

But remember that every horse, like human, has his own desire...
and apparently this one wanted to be an unicorn.

mardi 25 novembre 2014

"Moi je propose qu'on reste toujours amies, promis ?"

Today is the birthday of an amazing friend of mine
Her name is Agathe,
she adores unicorns, to do cat faces or smile with her eyes like a chinese man
She is simply beautiful, THE world lover and one of the only person to listen to the episodes of my everyday rollercoaster life without complaining
-even after three seasons and bad scenarists at the commands-

She is a fox who loves a wolf, I am a flying smiling squirrel
and one day we will conquer the woods of love together

so have an happy birthday my friend

Portfolio and Showreel 2014

my Portfolio and Showreel 2014 is online !

and u can check it and give me ur comments

-have a lovely day all of u-

samedi 4 octobre 2014


It's been a while that I didn't go to Croquis - more than 4 months to tell the truth-
Last thursday the model was a friend of mine, -i love to draw someone that i already know-
so i went for it, with my 14 years old ipod and my color pencils
-double or three in the same time YES-
and i had SO MUCH fun
she did poses of
10-20 sec
30 sec
1 min
3 min

Enjoy !

I pushed a lot her proportions so during the last poses i tried to catch her face in a more realistic way
but still from my colored point of view

mardi 23 septembre 2014


Hey folks ! Today is another awesome day !
It's the anniversaire of my petit frère !
Enfin petit, well he is taller than me now...
and he's 13 today ! What a great age u will tell me


So today he will be Captain America Lucas and will save our ship
Joyeux anniv' mon tit Lucas !
Et long love à toi !

dimanche 21 septembre 2014


Two first weeks of school we worked on our Trailer project
We have 30 sec to make a new 3D trailer for a movie we didn't choose
in group of 8 people -4 CG 4 CA-
In this project animators have minor roles because we only worked the two first weeks on it and a week at the end to animate the characters
so i was working more toward the story, editing at first and then i worked on some designs

here is some of the stuffs i did on Ilsa, the main female character
-sketches, roughs clothes, silhouettes, head design, hair design, range of motion, model sheet, colors-
-Julia Anderson did the clean up of the turn around head and body -the blue drawings-
 -but i put it so u can see the final model sheet of Ilsa-

have a great sunday night

jeudi 11 septembre 2014

Yo h an

Today is the birthday of my big brother, Yohan
This sweet, intelligent and pretty dude is 25 today
love on his face !

and here is the croquis i did first
-it's me, Yohan and Lucas my other brother-

lundi 1 septembre 2014


hej people ! first sorry for the delay, i will update more PROMISED :D
i came back to Viborg one week ago and we already started our trailer project
-i will talk later more about it-
i didn't have time yet to scan the others summer drawings i did, it will be here soon too
but more important
on thursday
next week
at school
I will do a class of FRENCH BOXING !
-pretty badass and scaring in the same time- i have to regain muscles before... ahah-

oh and this year Liga will not be longer our coordinator
a HUGE thanks to her, she was an amazing one last year

oh yes and we get an appartment in Viborg,
-it will be a french collocation MOUAHAHA-
with a big KITCHEN, a HUGE living room and AWESOME little other things (like a little glass BAR, a room only for the HAM, little CORALINE's cupboards)
well big enough for ALL my stuffs (so imagine just a little bit...)

lundi 14 juillet 2014

Place de la République

I came back from Denmark almost a month ago
I was able to draw in the metro again. Laugh about me but I missed that.
Here is some of the sketches -and a baseball guy waiting for the world cup to end-

vendredi 13 juin 2014


Exams done
here is the animation we did in 4 and a half days from a given storyboard
enjoy it !


and have a wonderful lovely sunny friendly and so much full of love week end !

lundi 9 juin 2014


Second semester showreel at the Animation Workshop in Denmark is DONE


the school asked us to put all the assignments (or almost) that we worked on during the second semester, so it's a long showreel
soon I will post my own one, recap' of the year here
but anyways
enjoy it

Oh and i'm proud to introduce you to ur new bumblefriend
BUMBLEBOY -and not bubble, it's important-
he is pink, lives in a ice cream world and wants love
Wesh bro

ps : right now we are doing our exam and I think that if we fail this is our next exam...

lundi 2 juin 2014

Lost friends

Two weeks ago French director students came from "La Poudriere" school in France. During one week we worked on their project -a tv serie adaptation from a French comic-
I worked under the directing of Emma Carré on "Suzie"
on... AFTER EFFECT  u.u

Suzie is an impertinent young girl who has a bat hidden in her hair as a best friend. Nobody can see him except her. The tv serie is about the life of Suzie and her friends -as Hugo and Lucy in my shot-.

ok so actually,
i'm not allowed to put the shot on the web for now, sorry

and I did that in one hour too, but, well, it was more for the fun
but well, I don't really like animating on after effects...

a colorscript did in an afternoon during a Lawrence marvit workshop on the week end
movie : Casablanca

my vision of the flashback love between the two main characters

and some happy accidents did during our design week with Julia Bracegirdle
-we were given some line or "splashes" and the goal was to draw something on them really quickly-