lundi 2 juin 2014

Lost friends

Two weeks ago French director students came from "La Poudriere" school in France. During one week we worked on their project -a tv serie adaptation from a French comic-
I worked under the directing of Emma Carré on "Suzie"
on... AFTER EFFECT  u.u

Suzie is an impertinent young girl who has a bat hidden in her hair as a best friend. Nobody can see him except her. The tv serie is about the life of Suzie and her friends -as Hugo and Lucy in my shot-.

ok so actually,
i'm not allowed to put the shot on the web for now, sorry

and I did that in one hour too, but, well, it was more for the fun
but well, I don't really like animating on after effects...

a colorscript did in an afternoon during a Lawrence marvit workshop on the week end
movie : Casablanca

my vision of the flashback love between the two main characters

and some happy accidents did during our design week with Julia Bracegirdle
-we were given some line or "splashes" and the goal was to draw something on them really quickly-

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