mercredi 25 septembre 2013

Dont't worry be HAPPY

"Do an happy ball WITH A TAIL
during 5 seconds and 2 seconds without any movement"
-you can't see very well but in front of him it's a dead dragon with a sword in his body-

and a head turn (it was very difficult for me so please be nice)
i put my three versions of it
(body construction, cleaning "straight ahead" in a very wrong way so new one with new hair)
i was inspired by the Chloé Nicolay's character "Annie"

and a seaweed (a line and who became a strange thing) under the sea....

samedi 21 septembre 2013

Who let the dogs out ?

And a little short from yesterday
the assignement was to do a bouncing ball with a tail and BUT i finish 1h before the class meeting
so it's a little bit different...

or ON VIMEO > Click here

lundi 16 septembre 2013

Balls, tiny little balls... EVERYWHERE

"Gooo back to the souuuurce"

Last week we worked on the basics :
gesture drawings, sketching, construction, one point perspective, two points perspective, three, background, foreground, middle stuff...etc.
and posing of different character (21) since their model sheet (en that in one day guys !)
yeah it was funny
and i learn that
when i'm tired i draw people dancing...
cool thing nop ?

dimanche 8 septembre 2013

Intro Project

Two weeks already at the animation workshop...
here is our first project in team of 5 or 6 person (concept artist and animators first year)
we had to chose 30 seconds of a one man show recording of 20 min that our teacher gave us,
our recording was about a doctor who had to help a sick mother teresa in India... really strange
we do that ! (link to vimeo)

The Eye

here are some of the research we did for it

(Re) Birth

Updates ! finally...
sorry for the delay, i was... hum... ok just sorry
here is my graduation movie "Suspense" ("En Suspens" in French) realised in two month technically,
-but i was thinking on it during one year - (and it was very hard to put it in place)
just watch it, give me your comments if you can, impressions or just feelings, it's always better to have feedbacks...

here is the film
here is the making off

and you can see all the evolution of the project here
Diploma 2013

oh and i'll try to always speak in english now because i'm in Danemark in the awesome Animation Workshop school
-Character animation power-