jeudi 31 octobre 2013

Clean Clean Clean !

And hop !
End of an In-between PROFESIONNAL assignment on "Brendan and the secret of Kells"
Curvy Pretty Smoothy Wolf-y

I'm happy.


and that's it's the wolf without the background
but go on vimeo, with the background it's just ONE THOUSAND TIME better :)

samedi 26 octobre 2013

Mickey Part two

End of the second week on Mickey Magic (first week >>> here)
Key frames, anticipations and breakdown. We will in-between it properly in a few weeks

by the way, u can't see really well but mickey try to transform a frog (into a beautiful princess ^^)
but, well, FAILURE

To see the video, it's here

here are some of my weirdest drawing of him in this animation
in order we have

perverse Mickey
fat Mickey
vampire Mickey
lazy Mickey
and mickey the rat

samedi 19 octobre 2013

Col erase power

Thank to my school we have access to FREE col erase.
I feel like a child.

 and i miss Paris.

vendredi 11 octobre 2013

Mickey Part One

New rough animation ! Mickey Mouse in Fantasia wanted to cast a spell but... failed.
Proper clothes, hat, ears and clean up will come after the holidays.
-yeah we are on holidays mouahaha-

and here it's the true assignement (only 6 sec). It's too fast, everywhere, everything. I'm not satisfied. I will rework on it after the break.

vendredi 4 octobre 2013

I believe i CAN fly

How to spoil ur watercolor ? give it to Jessica...

and a little animation of last friday
an hand hiting a table to learn how to BREAK THE JOINTS. :D

Here is the end of our month with the AWESOME Mike Polvani
this week we had to do a full animation (imposed story board) with a flour sack
so the first video is mine
the second is mine also but with beautiful music with, because music is life isn't it ?

it was funny and i didn't sleep a lot
but i have to remind me the KISS animation thing
Keep It Simple Stupid

so have a good week end guys !
and thank you Mike for all that fun...