vendredi 13 juin 2014


Exams done
here is the animation we did in 4 and a half days from a given storyboard
enjoy it !


and have a wonderful lovely sunny friendly and so much full of love week end !

lundi 9 juin 2014


Second semester showreel at the Animation Workshop in Denmark is DONE


the school asked us to put all the assignments (or almost) that we worked on during the second semester, so it's a long showreel
soon I will post my own one, recap' of the year here
but anyways
enjoy it

Oh and i'm proud to introduce you to ur new bumblefriend
BUMBLEBOY -and not bubble, it's important-
he is pink, lives in a ice cream world and wants love
Wesh bro

ps : right now we are doing our exam and I think that if we fail this is our next exam...

lundi 2 juin 2014

Lost friends

Two weeks ago French director students came from "La Poudriere" school in France. During one week we worked on their project -a tv serie adaptation from a French comic-
I worked under the directing of Emma Carré on "Suzie"
on... AFTER EFFECT  u.u

Suzie is an impertinent young girl who has a bat hidden in her hair as a best friend. Nobody can see him except her. The tv serie is about the life of Suzie and her friends -as Hugo and Lucy in my shot-.

ok so actually,
i'm not allowed to put the shot on the web for now, sorry

and I did that in one hour too, but, well, it was more for the fun
but well, I don't really like animating on after effects...

a colorscript did in an afternoon during a Lawrence marvit workshop on the week end
movie : Casablanca

my vision of the flashback love between the two main characters

and some happy accidents did during our design week with Julia Bracegirdle
-we were given some line or "splashes" and the goal was to draw something on them really quickly-