mercredi 24 décembre 2014


This first of december it was my Mom's birthday
but i wanted to wait to be home again to give her her present
well, now i'm back to France, eating croissants and baguettes or quiche lorraine almost everyday
so here it is, this crazy colorful drawing of her and I, Ying Yang of weird but strong love
i guess, i hope, finally i don't care because at the end, we are

Glædelig jul !
Merry Christmas !
Joyeux Noël !

and a lot of love on ur face, ur cheeks and even more on ur little precious heart

jeudi 4 décembre 2014

Have you met Maya ?

it's been a looong time that i didn't upload some concrete animation exercises we did this year at school.
We are currently working on Maya, a 3D software. Our exercises are really technical so we can really focus on movment and on the software.
Anyways there is our last exercise :
Animating an horse for a walk cycle, a run cycle and make a transition of it.

First I never ride horses. Second, I don't really like them. But yes it was fun to do -the transition not the cycle by themselves, -too much legs, too technical if you're not an horse nerd-


oh ! and i had to share with you some Maya crash with this poney

First my horse was stolen by an ufo

And then he wanted to twerk. Hard.

But remember that every horse, like human, has his own desire...
and apparently this one wanted to be an unicorn.