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Jessica LAURENT, born in 1992 in France.
I am a Director and Story/Visual Artist interested in every medium as soon as they serve the story.
In January 2017, I graduated with a bachelor "Character Animation" from The Animation Workshop (Denmark). During my last year of studies I worked on the music video bachelor "Stellar" as the Editor, Animation Lead, Storyboarder and Character Designer.The movie is available on my vimeo page.

I am a very active, positive and passionate person who loves to learn. Constantly trying to push my skills, I am fascinated by rhythm. I would love to bring hope, tenderness and a new perspective on life to my audience.
I want to be a Director that gathers a team of talented artists together to create something bigger than themselves. Working in or with a team is essential for me. 

I work with :
Directing Story, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Editing, Cinematography Concept and Ideas development Illustration and Design 2D/3D/Stop motion Animation

I am open to any experience related to film-making, performances, animation or creation in general.

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