dimanche 18 décembre 2016

Cartoon Saloon life drawing

During my stay at Cartoon Saloon I went twice and a half to life drawing.
It was always the same model and to be totally honest she frustrated me a lot
-giving birth to new feeling in the following drawings so finally, quite interesting-
Generally speaking she was always doing the same poses, and not so dynamics, but well then I had to push her poses way more and sometimes... diverging a bit from her actual pose...
But anyways the drawings are here! enjoy!

They are mix of 1min and 2min (yes even for long poses I was drawings several poses)

jeudi 27 octobre 2016

Bali 2016

This August I went for the first time in ASIA -with my parents and my little brother-

It was the time for so many first times and beautiful landscapes (so many, so different), a totally other mentality and cultures, scaring but also cute new animals...
I didn't draw much there, only when we were at restaurant at lunch or dinner, for the time they were bringing us food so these sketches are... the view from our table.
Also I tried to draw my brother, but this little one is clever, everytime he spotted me drawing him, he covered his face and changed drastically his position; but I'm clever too.
It was a really interesting experience. And a long flight. Very long flight.

dimanche 25 septembre 2016

French Boxing

Hey guys!
It's September now. And normally, if I was in Viborg,
I would have open the THIRD SEASON of French Boxing (youhouu so cool I know)
But, well I'm not in Viborg... BUT Myra opened a workout monday! and it is really good!
YOU should go.
and when I come back next year I will try to make it happen again in February (French Boxing)?
Could you wait until then?

I had a lot of fun these two years,
so thanks my friends! (and students i guess)
see you soon!!

and here is the two posters I did for the two seasons, pencils colours, A3 buddies please
-see a boy looking on the left and then a girl look on the right SO CLEVER NO?-

dimanche 11 septembre 2016

Back to LIFE -drawing-

I AM NOT DEAD -graphically talking because the Portugal heat quite get me ahah-
Long absence then long post!
Here is the two last sessions of life drawing did at The Animation Workshop this school year.
I missed "geometrialising" people's bodies (and awesome Maria model by the way) ahah

oh! and I have a facebook page now -yeah i figure it was time-
CLICK HERE  and follow me! please
i will soon put more picture and make this page beaaautifuul