mardi 23 septembre 2014


Hey folks ! Today is another awesome day !
It's the anniversaire of my petit frère !
Enfin petit, well he is taller than me now...
and he's 13 today ! What a great age u will tell me


So today he will be Captain America Lucas and will save our ship
Joyeux anniv' mon tit Lucas !
Et long love à toi !

dimanche 21 septembre 2014


Two first weeks of school we worked on our Trailer project
We have 30 sec to make a new 3D trailer for a movie we didn't choose
in group of 8 people -4 CG 4 CA-
In this project animators have minor roles because we only worked the two first weeks on it and a week at the end to animate the characters
so i was working more toward the story, editing at first and then i worked on some designs

here is some of the stuffs i did on Ilsa, the main female character
-sketches, roughs clothes, silhouettes, head design, hair design, range of motion, model sheet, colors-
-Julia Anderson did the clean up of the turn around head and body -the blue drawings-
 -but i put it so u can see the final model sheet of Ilsa-

have a great sunday night

jeudi 11 septembre 2014

Yo h an

Today is the birthday of my big brother, Yohan
This sweet, intelligent and pretty dude is 25 today
love on his face !

and here is the croquis i did first
-it's me, Yohan and Lucas my other brother-

lundi 1 septembre 2014


hej people ! first sorry for the delay, i will update more PROMISED :D
i came back to Viborg one week ago and we already started our trailer project
-i will talk later more about it-
i didn't have time yet to scan the others summer drawings i did, it will be here soon too
but more important
on thursday
next week
at school
I will do a class of FRENCH BOXING !
-pretty badass and scaring in the same time- i have to regain muscles before... ahah-

oh and this year Liga will not be longer our coordinator
a HUGE thanks to her, she was an amazing one last year

oh yes and we get an appartment in Viborg,
-it will be a french collocation MOUAHAHA-
with a big KITCHEN, a HUGE living room and AWESOME little other things (like a little glass BAR, a room only for the HAM, little CORALINE's cupboards)
well big enough for ALL my stuffs (so imagine just a little bit...)