dimanche 21 septembre 2014


Two first weeks of school we worked on our Trailer project
We have 30 sec to make a new 3D trailer for a movie we didn't choose
in group of 8 people -4 CG 4 CA-
In this project animators have minor roles because we only worked the two first weeks on it and a week at the end to animate the characters
so i was working more toward the story, editing at first and then i worked on some designs

here is some of the stuffs i did on Ilsa, the main female character
-sketches, roughs clothes, silhouettes, head design, hair design, range of motion, model sheet, colors-
-Julia Anderson did the clean up of the turn around head and body -the blue drawings-
 -but i put it so u can see the final model sheet of Ilsa-

have a great sunday night

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