dimanche 11 juin 2017

SIBLINGS -Proof of concept

SIBLINGS updates!
I just finished my first stay in Open Workshop (in Denmark). From middle March until beginning of June I worked on that project in its development phase. I networked for it, developed a pitch package and pitched SIBLINGS to a festival, and overall worked on a strong story (developed treatment ready for script) and strong characters.

Here are two approved proofs of concept for this project... 

I am now in Annecy, ready for the animation festival starting tomorrow, my business cards are ready and my accreditation taken, I will go to screenings, conferences, WIP, Making of, pitchs and parties!
So basically I will be EVERYWHERE!
Drop me a message (email/phone) if you want to meet me there!

enjoy SIBLINGS updates, and let's Annecy 2017 begins!

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