mercredi 11 février 2015


i don't know guys if u know this cool danish singer Lydmor
but she is doing a "Trust Tour" which means that she come FOR FREE to sing for u
everywhere !
if u can pay her ticket to go and come back to Copenhagen after -and before of course-
ANYWAYS she will come to our beloved Hogni Pub at The Animation Workshop the 27 of february
and it will be awesome !
from 8 to 00

I did a little poster to make people come (and pay ahah)
For me her music
was the first Danish music I really listened to and liked
It was the first right feeling about what I was living there
The weird and strange sensation to be in the woods at night
Alone, and cold, but without being sad, like why should we care ?
I joked with my danish friends about this feeling that I can’t really understand
And she put on some words, some lamppost lights that lit everything one night...

Electro pop, trees, spotlights and arrows, pink, violet and blue danish colors of the night, some love transe and TINDIIIIN u have this poster

Marie is one of this fake danish that i really like,
she is funny, pretty and knows how to dress (yes she is perfect),
 happy birthday girl, i love u !
mouah mouah

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