samedi 5 avril 2014

Chara design week

This week we had some chara design exercises with the awesome Julia Bracegirdle
She showed us different way to apprehend characters design
I have to say that I was quite reticent at the beginning but it was fun and really interesting and helpful
First we created some chara from diverses random blots and smirches
they were called "happy accident". The goal was to create a character from these stuffs.
the same day we did in one afternoon a Silhouette movie -60 seconds max-
about Danish culture and how we perceive it
I was with Emile Gignoux and Marie Eriksen
Then we went in a character Safari all over Viborg, trying to find faces in houses, landscapes or objects of the usual life
With this -or not- we created Frankenstein creatures and to describe them.
I made the "Flippitus Cubitus" and the "Rastack Attackus Syriupus".

Rastack (Rastack Attackus Syriupus)
The Rastack is one of these dangerous cute creatures that you can’t imagine all the damages they can be the sources of.
Generally speaking as tall as a ping pong ball, they live in the countryside, hidden among cultures and forests. When the sun rises they migrate toward villages, gardens and especially picnic areas. They are known to jump as quicly as a spider in syrup juice or any juices you like to drink (the one with a lot of suger in it). Once in the drink they absord it in their bubbles skin which convert it in acid extremely painful. If you are enough unlucky to be around or to just look at them even unconsciously they released all their acid on your face to cover their escape to an other drink.

Rastacks are really ashamed of their unfashioned look and disgusting ability to change sugar in acid. But this fact can be your only safety if you are in front of them. Just give them glasses or any jewellery and if they appreciate it they will maybe not throw their acid to you… at least the time they try their new outfit.

Flippitus Cubitus

The wonderful Flippitus Cubitus is the dreadful cousin of Flit, the humming bird in Pocahontas.

After John Smith and his companions came to America for the first time they came back to their country with a lot of unknown animals they wanted to examine. Some brothers of Flit were in that case and in their cages. But once they were in England the humming bird body didn’t support the all new industrial civilization of this country. They began to mutate because of trash food they were eating. John Smith and his friends afraid of these several non-biological deformation tried to kill them all, but some of them escaped. Remarkably intelligent little creatures, they developed their chameleon abilities to hide themselves in the English background and they took the place of actual trashcans in the streets.

Flippitus Cubitus are extremely dangerous. After many decades they lost almost their entire fur and their skin became sharper, metallic. They have only three huge feathers that they use like hook to steal humans trash.

They develop over century hates against humans who changed their metabolism but were also their unique caretakers. If you throw your garbage into a Flippitus Cubitus he will not you go without damages
So, be aware of them….


At the end, we listened to a radio beer ad and had to create -in one day and a half-
the two main characters : a waitress and a kangaroo



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