mardi 4 mars 2014

Up your date

Updates !

here is my first semester showreel at TAW

and after some drawings did in Design or Color with Lawrence Marvit
-I slowly begin to understand photoshop or drawing with a tablet...-

Space pirates

Fairy City

 Color Study -yes real painting-

Value to Color (I choose to light my scene with a redish light)
 And a full picture rendered and painted on Photoshop (focus on the color obviously)
"Magic against technology"
So here is a bunch of witches destroying some cars because, yeah man, brooms are way more cool than vehicles...

Oh and we did in two days a storyboard/animatic with Patrick Branvoll
about a normal day at the Animation workshop...
no, seriously the pitch and dialogues were given by our teacher Ignacio Ferreras during our storyboard week.



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