samedi 16 novembre 2013


Lawrence week !
For those who don't know him, Lawrence Marvit is the dark side of a "normal" TAW teacher.
He didn't hesitate to say these types of things
"Don't step on ur own dick", "Ur life is a lie", "Anyways French never won a war"
Or to push u to dig better in urself to really find the feeling u want to put in ur drawing.

But actually, he was a real nice teacher who also asked u how to pronounce ur name or if u have slept sufficient hours the day before.
His lectures about design and composition were AWESOME

The focus of this lectures were based on the 7 elements of drawing:

We had a lot of assignments, everyday but we just gone through line and shape.
Some of these exercises were meant to make us fail, and even for the others, I think, I failed.
But, most important, I have the impression to have learnt so many things in this week that I'm pretty sad to not have him again on next Monday.
-even if that means also that I will sleep more next week-

We had to eat some dark (Lindt) chocolate and write a poem or a history that this taste reminds us.
here is only my story because I'm not very proud of the drawing I did.

It was not the day, it was not the night. I was under the earth; in a kind of half-night.
Under the ground.
Stuck in mud, my feet were moving closely away from the sharp trail.
The cave was enormous, huge and stupendous. But I didn’t feel little in front of it. Actually, I wanted to be a part of this water melting with the brown thick ground.
Plic. Ploc. Drop of curving water were falling to the ground. From the top. In a line.

Stalactites grew up. Stalagmites grew down.

I let the rest of the group fading away. I stayed in front of a close vault of rock. As the light of our guide was vanishing down I raised my arm toward the huge wall.
Drop singing resonated in my hands when I finally touched it. And the water falling on the wall took another path. I felt the cold running through my arm, beading through my veins. I was listening to this feeling again. I was a waterfall under earth.
I remember thinking that I can escape from my body and become so much taller !
I was growing up without moving my feet from the ground like a part of the cave. In my deep soul, for the first time, I was silent, calm. Right.

And my mom called me.
But I didn’t reply.
 In fact. I was a stalagmite.

same process for the listening of Miles Davis "King of Blue"

Soap bubbles on silky way.
Way too dark.                                             Park or shine.
That’s the question of the mass in the gravity.
Urban sensuality ?
It’s fine.

and my jazz interpretation in picture

At the end of the week we had to do a full picture of an astronaut who just discovered a ancient civilization on an other planet but he will be attacked soon by alien, in white and black, using all we learnt (line, shape, focus point, contrast) and a Samouraï Jack kind of style

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